Sunday, 14 August 2016

Art (Fan-art in particular)


So. Sorry (not sorry) I haven't blogged in a while but today I wanted to talk about (as the title shows ^^^) FAN-ART! So Lily and I both watch this YouTuber who goes by Aphmau. You may or may not have heard of her but if you haven't, she has this role play named MyStreet and another one named Minecraft Diaries (MCD for short) including the same characters. Recently I have been really into art so I have drawn some fan-art to do with the role play. I will below show you the actual minecraft character, then my drawn character and then my computer (updated) correct character - so you can see if you don't know the role play of course. Starting... NOW!

Now for number 2
Thanks for reading!!!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Square Roots


Today I learnt all about square root. I have this app on my iPad called MyScript Calculator - Handwriting calculator and I decided to test out using square root just for fun. I tried finding the square root of 81 (lucky choice I guess) and it equaled 9 so then I tried out finding the square root of 36 and it equaled 6 so then, with my mind wondering, I tried finding the square root of 25 and it equaled 5. Then I told my Mum, Chris and Nanny and my Mum and Chris pointed out (after I told them) that square roots are the same as square numbers but because it is called 'roots' it is the bottem (under the ground) and where it all starts so  9² = 81 and the square root of 81 is 9 and so on through out the square roots and square numbers. I had now learnt, about something I had only heard of before, square roots in 1 day!

I was so proud I decided to write about it! Sorry I haven't updated you in a while but I gave up on my round up blogs because of 2 things: 1, I got bored and 2, I had stuff to do preparing for Florida. I also gave up on my 52 challenge because of the same reasons. Then I obviously WENT to Florida. When I I got back I was too tired and so I just haven't updated in a while. I'm back now though!

Well now I think I shall just blog wabout my life, not do challenges because they annoy me and stress  me out and only blog when I feel like it, I think something is special and I need to share it with you or I feel you have not heard from me in a while. Ok...


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Round up #9

Monday 23rd February ~ Play a Disney game (Tsum Tsum as usual)
Tuesday 24th February ~ Read Disney (a Dandelion wish)
Wednesday 25th February ~ Watch Tarzan
Thursday 26th February ~ Make or Draw Disney (Cheated and our mum made a Florida file)
Friday 27th February ~ Watch a random movie (Aristocats)
Saturday 28th February ~ Paint Rapunzel Peg Doll
Sunday 1st March ~ Watch Cinderella

We were back to school this week so it was more difficult but we still did ok.

Anyway Bye 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Medowhall Shopping Haul (Blogathon 4/4)

I had another shopping haul just like I did a while back. This time, instead of shopping for Frieston, we went shopping for Florida! If you don't know we are going to Florida, why don't you? Go check my older blogs.

Anyway, first let's look at the top...

This one is on it's side but as you can see, I bought a navy blue cardigan from Next, blue and white slip on shoes also from Next and white sunglasses from Primark

Here again is the navy blue cardigan from Next and the white sunglasses from Primark but also my FAVOURITE hat EVER! Navy and netted! Great spot from my Mummy!

Here AGAIN you can see the navy blue cardigan from Next, the blue and white slip on shoes also from Next and the white sunglasses from Primark as well as the navy blue strapped slip-ons from Primark and black slip-ons from guess where... Primark! You can also see a sneaky peak of my next topic, the white laced shoes also from Primark

Last picture now you can see very darkly that my FAVOURITE hat EVER has returned to the top of this picture and also there are the white laced shoes also from Primark. Along with that my new Ariel/Little Mermaid Sandles also from Primark.

That's it for now... Bye 

Round up #8 (Blogathon 3/4)

Same again this week as I'm Trying to be quick and to be honest I might do this every week now to speed things up!

Monday 16th February ~ Make Or Draw Disney (Mickey Mouse And Marie)
Tuesday 17th February ~ Play a Disney Game (Disney Infinity 2.0)
Wednesday 18th February ~ Dress Up Disney (Elsa Coronation, Sofia and Sofia)
Thursday 19th February ~ Paint Merida Peg Doll (we also caught up on Hunchback of Norte Dame)
Friday 20th February ~ Watch A Random Movie (Belle's Magical World Beauty And The Beast)
Saturday 21st February ~ Disney Inspired Food (Princess Carriage Cupcakes)
Sunday 22nd February ~ Watch Monsters Inc.


8/52 Challenge (Blogathon 2/4)

Here is my pic v